About the Crew:


Nelson B. Thall – CEO

I’m a media and technology entrepreneur with lifelong roots in Canadian Media, Newspaper, and Online Publishing Businesses. I am responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company.  I am passionately creating a more captivating, useful and social internet platform, benefitting our users and empowering online publishers with a social network designed to deliver engagement to them; increasing time on site and revenue at the places they own, their websites. 

Co-founder and Director of HVR Technologies Inc, member of Torstar Voting Trust, Director of Thall Holdings Group of Companies.


Andrew Matte – Head of Technology

I am a language-agnostic full-stack technologist who strives to work on meaningful projects and have found my place with hvr. My primary reason for learning to create software was to develop artificial intelligence applications and I have been fortunate to develop several high-load production systems. I have been a mentor at Lighthouse Labs, a Canadian national software bootcamp, since 2015 where I enjoy instilling juniors with the mindset they’ll need to understand projects at scale.


Henry Thall – COO

I manage our team in order for us to execute on our objectives. Within an agile environment, I run sprint planning of development, design, and testing resources. I manage the end-to-end requirements, quality, and delivery of mobile and web applications on various platforms (iOS, Android, Web). I am an incessant reader and student of media, culture and communication and how it affects the times in which we live.

Co-founder and Director of HVR Technologies Inc, member of Torstar Voting Trust, Director of Thall Holdings Group of Companies.


Jesse Capon – CIO

I focus on the critical decision paths related to protecting our technology now and into the future. I have been awarded Patents in Communication Encryption, IT Security and Digital Platforms and Networks.I have created and protected IP in the spaces of Technology, Music, Marketing, Media, Telecommunications, Banking and Financing, App Development, Entertainment, Higher Learning and Not for Profit.

Co-founder and Director of HVR Technologies Inc, Founder of The Joule Group. Clients have included: Google, Rogers, Cisco and TD. I  Attended Berklee, York, VIU, The Banff Center.


Kit Gerasimov – Lead Mobile Developer

A linguist in a very broad sense of the word, I study how humans communicate in life – through language, signs, emotions, technology. It is my task to bring people just a tad closer together and this is what I strive to achieve with our app – by making it intuitive and natural.

On a more personal note, I am deeply fascinated with all things mathematical, musical and historical. And no, I don’t think there’s controversy. I also like shoes.


Jackie Lee – UI/UX Designer

I design delightful experiences for digital products by crafting visually creative and consistent user interfaces. With hvr, I work closely with the team to ensure the flow of the products feel familiar, the design system is well maintained, and the visual language meets our expectations in design excellence. Outside of hvr, I continue to sharpen my craft through branding design and illustration.