How It Works

Find It

Do what you do best, find and create great content.


Grow and Share

Grow your audience by driving the conversation to your favorite websites, even your own!

Make Money

Your expertise has value. Other social networks won’t give you anything for the content you find or create. We do.

Get people to sign up, drive traffic, get paid.

As a Hvr Affiliate Partner, you’ll receive a share of the revenue earned from every person you bring to the platform and when there are conversations on your website using Hvr.

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    Earn 10% of the revenue on the users you help sign up.

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    Earn 50% of revenue made while any user spends time on your website.

    The average revenue per active affiliate signup is expected to be $5.00 monthly in 2022. The average CPM is expected to be $5.00.

How much can you make?

Use our revenue calculator to see your potential monthly earnings.

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Your Monthly Earnings


Detailed Monthly Reports

Receive up-to-date reports on all your referrals and earnings. Whether you share your referral link with others or share a post you made on Hvr – every signup is tracked and emailed to you in a monthly report.

4 Ways to Boost Your Earnings


Use Hvr!

The more Hvr content you create, the more likely you are to grow a following. Post on your website to drive traffic and conversation to your webpages.

Share posts to others

Share the posts you make in Hvr with your followers on your other social channels.


Add to your bio

Add your referral link in your bio on all your social channels.


Show what you know

Create posts about how and why you use Hvr and share them everywhere with the goal of people signing up to Hvr via your referral link.