Our Team

We are a passionate team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers, with backgrounds in media, technology and publishing. Our founders have a 75-year family history in the publishing business as co-founders of the modern-day Toronto Star, the largest daily print newspaper in Canada. 


Nelson B. Thall – Co-Founder and CEO

Nelson is a media and technology entrepreneur with lifelong roots in newspaper and online publishing businesses. He is responsible for setting the company’s overall direction and product strategy. Nelson is passionately evolving the way people experience the web for society to reap greater rewards from the internet, making it easier to discover and discuss the web, and increasing engagement at the places people own, their websites.

Co-founder and Director of HVR Technologies Inc.


Henry Thall – Co-Founder and COO

Henry runs our development team, design, and testing resources within an agile environment. He manages the end-to-end requirements, quality, and delivery of mobile and web applications on various platforms (iOS, Android, Web). Henry is a constant reader and student of media, culture and communication, and how it affects the times in which we live.

Co-founder and Director of HVR Technologies Inc.


Kit Gerasimov – Head of Technology

Kit’s task is to bring people closer together with Hvr by making it intuitive and natural. He is a linguist in a very broad sense of the word and studies human communication through language, signs, emotions, and technology. Kit is deeply fascinated with all things mathematical, musical and historical. 


Jesse Capon – Co-Founder

Jesse’s focus is on protecting our technology now and into the future. He has been awarded patents in Communication Encryption, IT Security, Digital Platforms, and Networks. Jesse has created and protected IP in the spaces of technology, music, marketing, media, telecommunications, banking & financing, app development, entertainment, higher learning,  and not for profit.

Co-founder and Director of HVR Technologies Inc, Founder of The Joule Group. Clients have included: Google, Rogers, Cisco and TD. I  Attended Berklee, York, VIU, The Banff Center.


Jackie Lee – UI/UX Designer

Jackie ensures the flow of our products feels familiar, the design system is well maintained, and the visual language meets our expectations. He designs delightful experiences for digital products by crafting visually creative and consistent user interfaces. Outside of Hvr, he continues to sharpen his craft through branding design and illustration. 


Casie Stewart – Sitepartner Program & Social

Casie manages our Sitepartner program and partnerships along with our social media. She is an award-winning content creator and expert in digital media. Casie has been at the forefront of brand storytelling through influencer marketing and started her social media career at MuchMusic & MTV Canada.