What Is Hvr?

Hvr is browsing reinvented. Start or join discussions directly on top of websites. Discover a web curated for you, with new content from your friends and favorite sites you follow.

No more sharing links

Quickly comment on any page for your friends and followers to see.

Keep the web in context

Create more insightful discussions without the need to switch between apps.

Express yourself

Make the conversation lively with pictures, gifs, and more 💃 🕺 🥳 🎂.

Hvr's Benefits to Bloggers, Publishers, And Brands

Earn Commissions and Recurring Revenue

We believe great websites are the internet’s heart and soul and are dedicated to making the web a more profitable place for you.

Hvr’s Sitepartner Program empowers individual bloggers, larger web publishers, and brands to further monetize their audiences.

As a Sitepartner earn commissions on new user sign-ups, plus a share of Hvr’s revenue.

Earning from Hvr

How much money can I make with Hvr?

Estimate your commissions and recurring earnings with the revenue calculator below.

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Your Monthly Earnings


Detailed Monthly Reports

Receive up-to-date reports on all your referrals and earnings. Whether you share a site from Hvr, share a post you made, or your profile, all sign-ups via these links are tracked and emailed to you in a monthly report.

How To Get Started


Sign up as a Sitepartner

Request an invite to the app below, create an account, and sign up for the program.
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Share your site’s content on social media using your custom affiliate links.
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Get paid and gain followers

Earn when people sign up through your links and see your followers grow.