Hvr is designed for you to thrive.

Traditional browsing hasn’t kept up with the needs of modern bloggers and web publishers, resulting in an increased number of creators investing their time solely into social channels, rented space that they have little control over.

Hvr transforms the web into an ideal place for creators and publishers to thrive, including social media features like home feeds, following others, comment threads, and discovery, into the browsing experience itself.

With Hvr, there’s never been a better time to have a website, a home base for your online content.

Hvr's Benefits for Bloggers and Web Publishers

Increase Engagement

Increase Discovery

Increase Site Revenue

Hvr Sitepartner Program

The Hvr Sitepartner Program helps individual bloggers, as well as larger web publishers, further monetize their audiences.

Sitepartners earn recurring revenue and commissions on qualifying new Hvr user sign-ups. Sitepartners can include their RSS feed into Hvr and they are more frequently recommended to other users.

How It Works


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Share your site’s content on social media using your custom Hvr affiliate links.
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Earn commissions and recurring revenue on new users who sign-up to Hvr via your Affiliate Links.

Your commissions and recurring revenue.

As a Sitepartner, you earn commissions, plus a share of Hvr’s revenue on new users who sign-up via your affiliate links.

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    Earn up to $2.00 commission per new user sign-up.

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    Earn up to $250 when your sign-ups become Sitepartners.

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    10% of all revenue earned on the users you sign-up.

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    50% of revenue from conversation layers on your site.

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How much money can I make with Hvr?

Please use the revenue calculator below to estimate your commissions and recurring monthly earnings.

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Detailed Monthly Reports

Receive up-to-date reports on all your referrals and earnings. Whether you share a site from Hvr, share a post you made, or your profile, all sign-ups via these links are tracked and emailed to you in a monthly report.