Cast of Creators on Notable Life

CASIE 23 September 2022

Nelson & Casie recently chatted with Notable Life’s Carly Rais to discuss our Cast of Creators podcast, how it started and where it’s going.

We’ve included a few excerpts from the interview. Thoughts to share? Comment on this post in Hvr .

Cast of Creators x Notable Life

Tell us about episode topics and formats? 

Each episode is wildly different depending on the guest. No matter what, we make it a fun and uplifting conversation! Cast of Creators is an open & honest conversation for about an hour. We talk with leaders in fashion, entertainment, photography, media, and some of Canada’s top creators.  

We have some exciting episodes coming up with Chef Brandon Olsen; filmmaker, Marian Owen; actress, Cory Lee; photographer, Elaine Fancy; and children’s entertainer, Lisa Sonshine!

Why did you decide to use podcasts as your chosen medium to spread this message? 

A relaxed, long-form, conversational podcast is a great way to learn more about someone’s true self, let their light shine, and really get a sense of their vibe. 

Our new studio makes our cast feel right at home while we discuss platforms & partnerships, content ownership, and what’s next for creators of all kinds.