Find or Create Your RSS Feed

Nelson Thall
Nelson Thall 8 March 2022

Hvr uses RSS feeds to pull in the latest content from your website and share it with your followers on Hvr and have it appear in related content. 

What is an RSS Feed

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, is a web feed used to stay on top of new content from any website. Often referred to as an RSS feed, they appear in the form of an XML document containing your latest content.

How to Locate Your RSS Feed

Most sites already have a RSS feed built-in. Here is a shortlist of the most popular content management systems on the web to help you easily find your feed. RSS If you need assistance, please contact 

  • WordPress: simply add /feed to the end of the URL:
  • Squarespace: Find your RSS feed URL by going to your website when you’re not logged in, open the page you want to find the feed for, and then add ?format=rss to the end of the URL.
  • Blogger: add feeds/posts/default to the end of the URL: 
  • insert /feed/ before the publication’s name in the URL: becomes 
  • Tumblr: add /rss to the end of the homegpage’s URL:
  • Wix: add /blog-feed.xml to the end of the URL:

Finding Your RSS Using Source Code 

You can uncover the RSS feed of any website by checking the source code. 

  1. Right click an empty area of the homepage.
  2. Select “View Page Source,” or any similar wording that may appear, according to the type of web browser. 
  3. Search “RSS” via Control/command + F on the page. Look out for an RSS URL. This web address is what you’ll need to share with Hvr.